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"I am a Product Manager by profession, and Software Developer as a passion." A developer turned Product Manager with varied interests in the product, technology, and traveling.

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and, skilled in Software development, Product Management, Product strategy, and roadmap, Business development using technical skills, I am continues to work as a Software Engineer with rich experience of 9 years.

My current role touches upon various aspects of Software development and product management responsibilities from product strategy, roadmap, defining the product vision, execution throughout the product lifecycle, and helping technical team members in SQL and coding.

Proficient in developing an implementation plan to ensure the product roadmaps put together are executed in the right way.

Expertise in handling the entire gamut of product management activities such as:

  • Understanding user behavior & market needs to create short and long-term initiatives.
  • Ensuring customer success with the smooth development of the product.
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