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Never have tried to fill one of these out. I mean nobody really knows me.

I guess I am a guy who spends a large amount of time computing. I was around when the computers first were connected to a local network and then the internet. It was interesting as networking computers were looked at has a sort of artificial intelligence  and that intelligence inheriting human malevolence, challenging "real" intelligence. As an Agriculture Science student then this this was a head-on collision. There are a lot of religion and fear of the occult in Agriculture, even more that in Archaeology because those farmers have beliefs outside of which end of a plow is connected to their tractor and if those beliefs are planted when fertile, and cultivated, this affects the worlds food supply. Its a lot like an Unexplained Fertility if the light of science doesn't view it as worthy of observance. So I have a little investment in the subject of computing. It needs observance of rules and not laws, and this view jives with both science and the unexplained. See Human Response.(psychology, physiology)
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