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Self-employed for more than the past twenty years. Sold the business and now entirely focused on the one lifetime passion - learning.

Top favorite pastimes:

  • Programming - reasonably accomplished programmer. Mostly self-taught programmer starting over 30 years ago. Started with programming the HP 41 and caught the bug. Took some college programming classes and could never could stop after that. Never stopped having a preference for RPN as well.
  • Electrical / Electronics - AC/DC and microelectronics. Have some well received YouTube videos. Enjoy experimenting with the Arduino and Raspberry.
  • Machinist - manual and CNC (lathe / mill) and other machinist tools. Special thanks to YouTube's MrPete and This Old Tony.
  • DIYer - design and make devices, jigs, necessaries, and tools.
  • 3D Printer - Great addition for a DIY/Inventor making useful whatnots.
  • Metal Casting - Use homemade foundry, casting (aluminum / bronze/ copper), generally functional and non-artistic. Own a heat treat oven and used mostly for hardening steel.
  • Drawing - AutoCAD and SolidWorks
  • Glass - glass blowing.
  • Writing - top poster with high positive response rates and no formal complaints.
  • YouTube - video poster with some highly viewed videos. Enjoy the entire process of video design, editing, and creation. Status: Over 100 K YouTube views. Quality of video production: improving.
  • Reloading and bullet casting.

Modus operandi - the compulsion to learn new things each day comes from a lifelong fixation - source unknown. Most likely end-of-life regret: not learning more things.

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