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Lakshman Kambam
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👽  ⟴ JavaScript ⟴ ReactJs ⟴ ReactNative ⟴ Redux ⟴ MongoDB ⟴ NodeJs ⟴ ExpressJs ⟴ NestJs ⟴ MySQL ⟴ Html ⟴ Css ⟴ TwitterBootstrap ⟴ Photoshop

👨‍💻   I’m currently working on many things.
🌱   I’m trying to understand subatomic particles called quarks within particle.
🌌   I'm so into space, science, nature. (hobbies and interests)

💎   Fun fact:

  1. Talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice!!!
  2. A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory!!!
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