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I am learning again how to code... because of a project in Visual C++ 2008. Otherwise, I have some experience in Python and LaTeX. And bits and pieces of PHP, JavaScript, C/C++.

I much prefer to use *nix over Windows, because that way I can do most things without leaving the keyboard. I would be gladly proven wrong, but I think the command-line interface is one of the most user-friendly there is around. (You just have to know how it selects its friends.)

Feel free to sing along and edit this:

I want to teach the world to C, in perfect gcc,
With makefiles set, and no regrets (and please, no .exe)!
The backslash breaks a path in parts, and not the other slash.
Don't slash both ways, it hurts so bad, for options? Use a dash!

If you have got a great idea, then share it with us all!
All the credit goes to you for making the right call.
But who's to say there's no one else to make it much better?
You'll never know if you don't share, and we'd all just suffer.

I hope to teach the world to share, the ideas we have made
More money's cool, but if we don't have it, how would you get paid?
It started as a UNIX rant, but now it's more than that,
We are born human, so let's not race as if we were just rats.

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