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Stanislav Voloshchuk
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Successfully graduated from Hillel IT School in "Python Advanced" Course in 2020

Attending the "Project Management in IT" course in Beetroot Academy

Preparing for CAPM certification by PMI on 2021

Undergoing preparation for certification in the European Information Technologies Certification Institute on Artificial Intelligence course, which includes:

Google Cloud Machine Learning Google Vision API TensorFlow Fundamentals Machine Learning with Python Deep Learning with Python, TensorFlow, Keras & PyTorch Advanced Deep Learning Advanced Reinforced Learning TensorFlow Quantum Machine Learning Google Cloud Platform

PhD Candidate in Marine Transportation since 2018 Chief Officer in Marine Navigation since 2017 Officer in Marine Navigation since 2012

Winners team member in Ukrainian Hackathon 2015 Hack4Eergy with invention named "Cashometer" Ca$h'O'Meter

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