My name is Salad Guyo, I am Software Developer.

I am a dynamic person who readily adapts to changes as they occur. Passion in what I do, Self-motivation, hardworking, ethics and knowledge of team dynamics is what drives me as a person.

I have experience in Python and Javascript languages.I do projects in Angular,Angular Material Design, Ionic, Django and Django Rest Framework:

Some of my work includes:

  • Pataparcel Application - a Parcel delivery system for recording, dispatching, notification and collection of parcels.
  • Designed and built Bytesos' website for the company profile.
  • Built Sidai and Tepee apps - sales and loyalty mobile application both with customer and stockist versions.
  • Designed and built Cloud Lodge Management System (CLMS) API - for handling backed interaction with CLMS portal interface.
  • Designed and built CLMS User Portal - CLMS user interface for interacting with the system. Some of the features includes Customer and Employee management, Rooms, Expenses and Discounts, Bookings and Reports.
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