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Brian Piercy

(from http://www.linkedin.com/in/brianpiercy):

If you're looking for a job title, I guess it's "product manager". But I'm happiest when devouring new topics - my RSS reader gets a heavy workout each and every day. For example:

  • Programming (Ruby on Rails, R, ... any open-source app, really.)
  • Product management (pricing, content, definitions, analytics, operations, ...)
  • Design (web, UI, real-world architecture, ...)
  • Semiconductors (especially memories & IP)
  • Data Science topics

I've been in the trenches with semiconductor, embedded software and cellular handset organizations. I've also led product development teams of 4 to 40 people, in the U.S., Russia, Malaysia, India & Taiwan.

At night... Any one of 50 blogs in one window. Code in another. A Twitter stream in a third.