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119 votes

How to find out the dynamic libraries executables loads when run?

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How to color diff output?

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What exactly is POSIX?

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Is it possible to get the information for a device tree using /sys of a running kernel?

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How can I create a message box from the command line?

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What is the difference between the Bash operators [[ vs [ vs ( vs ((?

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What is the difference between ttyS0, ttyUSB0 and ttyAMA0 in Linux?

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How to view core files for debugging purposes in Linux?

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What is difference between User space and Kernel space?

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How can I check if swap is active from the command line?

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How can I play a sound when script execution is ready?

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How do I watch my webcam's feed on Linux?

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Is it possible to clone only part of a git project?

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What's the standard for indentation in shell scripts?

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How to create a custom Linux distro that runs just one program and nothing else?

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Is there any decent speech recognition software for Linux?

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Set and Shopt - Why Two?

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How to run a command that involves redirecting or piping with sudo?

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What makes grep consider a file to be binary?

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How can I get my external IP address in a shell script?

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How to test whether a Linux binary was compiled as position independent code?

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What is the difference between the following kernel Makefile terms: vmLinux, vmlinuz, vmlinux.bin, zimage & bzimage?

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Stereo "tone-generator" for linux?

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Creating a GIF animation from PNG files

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Where do you find the syscall table for Linux?

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How to compile without optimizations -O0 using CMake

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Why can I not split a .ape file?

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Is there any way to know the size of L1, L2, L3 cache and RAM in Linux?

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How to mount a disk image from the command line?

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What can make passing init=/path/to/program to the kernel not start program as init?

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