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I am an expierienced PHP and Javascript developer. As proven by many studies, helping others reduces stress. Not only does stack overflow let you find a fast solution or hint towards a simple or trivial problem, but it also helps to relieve stress. Both when answering and asking question. I usually de-stress by helping because the questions I have are usually already answered.

If you would like a chat you can usually find me on freenode in #php, #yii, #centos, etc, or in most channels on irc.tbs-dev.co.uk

The biggest challenge now seems to be getting to the point when you know a project has legs as quickly as possible. Fully understanding a tech before starting a project, just delays the start and I doubt you’ll get that time back later in increased productivity.

-- The Tech Teapot

Should we standardize something broken because it’s used, or should we standardize something robust? Especially when many of the existing usages are broken and incorrect already.

-- Anthony Ferrara - 2016


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