Pedro Pombeiro

I am a software architect with extensive experience (over 20 years) on the Microsoft technology stack (mostly desktop/server), and lately doing a ton of stuff with Linux.

I love elegant code and am always in a quest to improve my code writing skills and toolset.

Some of the Open Source projects I've contributed to

Status-go - The Status module that consumes go-ethereum.

mpv.io - Migrated the cross-platform media player to the Xbox One (UWP).

Some of my Open Source projects

Scrum Sprint Monitor – hosted on CodePlex. It provides the Agile team with hands-off, always up-to-date status of the current Sprint, both at the individual and team level. It connects to Microsoft Team Foundation Server and is designed to run either on a large LCD screen located in a public area, or as a desktop application.

Unity.TypedFactories – hosted on GitHub. It extends the Unity IoC container to provide support for Automatic Factory objects.

Testeroids – hosted on GitHub. Testeroids is a framework and a set of guidelines working in concert for great productivity in unit testing of .NET projects. It takes advantage of the AAA pattern (Arrange/Act/Assert) and modern C# language features and tooling, such as Aspect Oriented Programming and ReSharper, to create an enjoyable unit testing experience.