Chandani Patel

In this 8 years of professional journey I've done different roles like application development, designing and doing architecture. In the early days of my career, I was doing application development and web portal development using various frameworks of Java. I've worked upon several solutions which requires hardware interactions like IP Camera, Network printer, Label printers, Barcode printers, SICK camera etc..

Since last 3 years I've been working on IoT solutions. Building and maintaining entire eco-system of SaaS which can be consumed for any home appliance connectivity like Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Washing-machine etc. Including complex yet configurable alerts rule engine, building entire streaming solution on web & mobile along with remote camera control.

Due to intense passion towards technology and thrive to contribute something to improve life of human-being, I always challenge myself to beat my best. Because of this spirit I became full-stack developer who can work at all layers of solution and at all stages of solution life cycle,

  1. starting from defining architecture with appropriate design pattern like MVC, MVVM, choosing the right technology for each component,
  2. designing highly intuitive and responsive UIs with modern JavaScript
  3. frameworks like Angular to designing right database of right type like NoSQL with Column based Cassandra or document based MongoDB
  4. developing highly robust APIs with modular business layer using Spring, Hibernate, Mybatis, NodeJS writing real-time communications
  5. using Pub-sub of Kafka, AMQP / MQTT of HornetQ or raw sockets as well, designing simulators to perform stress & load testing of Cloud system, to integrate CI tools like Jenkins to validate build
  6. run-time and auto-deployment, to deploy and configure entire
  7. solution on various cloud platforms like AWS with cutting edge virtualization techniques like Docker with extremely efficient
  8. load-balancing technologies like HA-proxy
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