I started with web design in 8th grade and traversed into the programming field in 9th grade on the popular TI-83 calculators. With my calculator, I learned that programming could be used as a tool to save time and effort, and also for fun games. I started with the CalcBASIC language but expanded into assembly for the Z80 processer. In 10th grade I took a Visual BASIC 6.0 class where I excelled well beyond class expectations. At this point I decided I wanted programming to be my career path. I then took Java in 11th grade, and fell in love with programming even more as I learned OO concepts.

Since then, I have expanded my horizons by delving in many different areas of development. Currently, my main focuses are on PHP, Java web (with Struts and EJB), Perl, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, and Android. I also spend a lot of time in server and database administration, learning as I go.

Languages I would like to learn are Ruby (on Rails), Python, and Objective C. I believe cloud computing is the future, and I strive to incorporate that into my ventures and development goals every day. I don't consider myself specialized in any languages, but I feel comfortable in those I have listed plus more.

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