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Will a Linux executable compiled on one "flavor" of Linux run on a different one?
21 votes

By default, you'll almost certainly run into problems with external libraries. Some of the other answers go into more details about those problems, so I won't duplicate their work. You can, however, ...

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Since CentOS 8 will reach EOL in 2021, what would be a good alternative to CentOS 8 for learning and practicing Red Hat?
17 votes

Gregory Kurtzer, the gentleman who originally founded CentOS, has started a new project called Rocky Linux that is supposed to be what CentOS was. It has not made an official release yet, but they ...

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removing file extensions with bash
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Your string manipulation command is only removing the .bax.h5 part. To also remove an extra leading dot and digit, use something like ${baxs[0]%%.[0-9].bax.h5}.

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