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Hey there,

I am a Full-stack Engineer with 4+ years of startup experience. During these years, I have built and configured a few diverse projects from scratch.

I was actively involved in all stages of the Product Development Life Cycle with project managers and solution architects with a major focus on developments. My responsibilities include client communication, feature planning, wireframes & prototyping, building MVP, development, and maintenance.

The tech stack I've extensively worked on,

Front-end Tech: Html, CSS, Bootstrap 3 and 4 (responsive designs), JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js (Quasar), Google Maps APIs

Back-end Tech:

  • Python, Django, Django ORM, DRF, Flask, SQLAlchemy ORM, Pandas
  • VCS: Git (with Git Flow)
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), Windows
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Search engine tools: Elasticsearch (ELK Stack), Apache Solr (basic)
  • Message brokers: RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Caching: Redis
  • Task Queues: Celery, Python RQ
  • Tools: Vim, VSCode, Sublime Text, PyCharm

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL

In my free time, I try and learn new technologies and the best way to implement them, clean and reusable code implementations using design patterns and design principles (SOLID, DRY, etc). Current happening, working on a portfolio website. You can stay tuned at for more and looking forward to contributing to the open-source projects.

Reach out to me on [email protected]

Thanks very much!

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