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This is what I originally wrote back in 2004 for the WikiWiki (with revisions in 2015):

Been smalltalking since the eighties, and Squeaking since 2000.

Smalltalk has been my favorite language since I first learned it. And I'm reasonably conversant in 10 - 15 computer languages that I've used over the past 45 years.

Professionally, I do more Java than Smalltalk, but it's not a personal preference. In fact, my development methodology is to try to make Java behave as much like Smalltalk as I possibly can.

I've also been pushing Smalltalk lately as a prototyping language for business analysts that A) want to learn a programming language, B) do some prototyping of their ideas in order to get their projects funded.

And if you really want to know how to develop web applications fast try Seaside. It beats the daylights out of any Java solution.

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