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I am a retired air traffic controller and former Senior Aviation Analyst in Colorado. While I was a controller, I was selected to do off site work with NASA (CTAS, UPR, TMA), MITRE(Dynamically assigned airspace, IDASS/CRE Programming Environment), and several ARTCC/TRACON facilities around the US.

Worked for SAIC in the development of RNP reduced separation routes for major US airports.

Former duties included laboratory instruction, academic instruction, and ATC scenario building. I also got under the hood on AIX and Linux, coding stuff to automate messages to be fed to the simulator.

As a simulator programmer, I was doing primarily pattern matching and substitution in XML files. Most of it is done with sed and awk, because of client/server differences. No XML tools to speak of. I have some JAVA, C, and C++ experience as well (even studied some JOVIAL), lots of intermediate Python, and managed the LAN for the ATC Union while I was a controller.

Oh, and I'm probably the oldest anime fan in Colorado, according to Yasuna Oribe.

I come to this site to ask questions, because people say I need professional help. I wonder how I should take that.

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