James Gentes

I love to write code, I'm passionate about design, and I'm an analytics geek.

I managed a $100M global product line for 7 years while at Symantec. I worked on the official MTV News and People Magazine apps for the iPhone. I patented a method for clustering virtual machines (http://buff.ly/HsIXSG). I started a social media and SEO firm called The Social Business (@thesocialbiz), built a social business analytics product using Python (http://analytics.thesocialbusiness.com) and sold the business to Innovation Garden (http://www.innovationgarden.com) in 2014.

I am former chairman of the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon 501(c)3, I created BendTECH (http://bendtech.com), a co-working facility for startups, I have helped organize and pitched at the Bend Venture Conference, and I am a mentor and alumni of the FoundersPad business accelerator program, and now have a new startup called StartupCommunity.org.