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I'm a passionate blah, blah, blah... I love technology (full stop) In particular coding, infrastructure and hardware. I also happen to like making business successful and agile (not as Agile, but as being able to adapt quickly regardless of the dogma).

I consider myself a middleware / backend developer and my main professional programming language is Java. In the past I've coded in C (including some of linux kernel hacking), Smalltalk and Lisp... and basic (old Atari 2600 if you must know). I code for fun in other languages (Ruby, JS and Scala) and I've tried learning a few other ones but failed as I got distracted by other things (Haskell and Erlang one day I shall conquer you!)

At the moment, I'm learning new ops technologies such as containers (Docker) and datacenter schedulers (Mesos / Kubernetes) with the aim of building smallish private clouds. In the past, I played with configuration management technologies, in particular puppet, after all, who wants to configure servers by hand?

I'm quite lazy, which means that I need to automate everything that is repetitive and/or dull (I'm a Maven lover! There' I said it!) and I get annoyed when a supposedly seasoned developer codes without using shortcuts (life is too short to see you how you dance with a mouse to hit the "run tests" button!).

If you want to contact me, please send me a PM in twitter, github or linkedin or email me to augusto [dot] rodriguez {@} gmail (dot) com.


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