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I want to live in the future we were promised, and the only way I can figure out how to do that is help invent it.

Not a developer or admin, though I have built my fair share of computers, networks, servers, and workflows. My first computing experience was playing "Power" on a University mainframe via a TI thermal paper terminal with an acoustic coupler. Thanks to government work, I got a taste of business and systems analysis, building an inventory system to replace the Dickensian ledger-based system my job inherited. Quickly moving from mainframe to mini, then PC databases, my dad bought a 512KE Mac in 1984. Using a computer was never the same. HOW the things work was an interesting/infuriating sojourn, as I really just wanted to get stuff done. I spent a long time in the publishing/design world (that's book publishing and graphic design), and mastering digital tools became a thing I seemed to have an aptitude for.

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