I've been playing with technology since I was a kid. At 13 I was building websites by hand in HTML and Frontpage 98 (which is how I learned what not to do). Since then I've been a computer addict and programmer.

Avid reader and insatiable learner, I started rearranging bits and bytes to make the computer behave the way I wanted, and help others understand the nonsense technology can be sometimes. Despite this love-hate relationship I've had with computers and the web, it is the thing I am most interested in and passionate about.

I've been developing for the web professionally for 14+ years, and have picked up a smattering of languages, technologies, frameworks and tricks that I use daily to make the best web experiences possible for users.

I am currently a front end programmer and software engineer, specializing in user experiences in Angular, Rails, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Sass, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WordPress, and various social APIs, responsive UI, IE8 issues, and a few others. I also have experience in ASP.NET C#, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Visual Basic, XML, CakePHP, ColdFusion, Prototype, a little iOS, and a dialect of ZPL (label printer code).