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I cut my teeth on kernel-mode systems software, C, assembler, and Bliss, among other languages. I designed and led the implementation of H&R Block's Rapid Refund - large scale, highly distributed, high-throughput enterprise software. Now I prefer to spend my time working with Rust, JavaScript, Python, and the libraries extending them. I have the uncommon mix of understanding low-level fundamentals and high-level architectures. I like to understand how the pieces work so I know how to best use them.

Recent work, in reverse order, includes Rust security software, Node.js security and application performance monitoring software, Node.js addons in C/C++, a Vue.js front-end and PHP backend for, a viral adoption simulator using Python, a framework for paper.js graphic designs, and an API using JQuery and AngularJS that communicates with a backend Internet of Things server.

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