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Linux sysadmin since 2009. I used to be a laboratory worker and a CAM worker (1996-1998). Then I became a computer support helpdesk/technician mainly focused on Microsoft products. My first Linux install attempt is from 1998, Debian over a modemline, didn't do much with it, it was very inconvenient, since I had no second computer and no manual, and the install was CLI only. I installed Windows NT. In 1999 I purchased a CD with redhat 6.1, installed it, used it a while as desktop OS, dual boot with windows. In 2000 I tried Suse 6.4: I bought the box with the manual package. Next I experimented further with downloaded redhat 7 and 8, then redhat became RHEL, no longer free, and I switched back to Debian. I tried several distros (mandrake, fedora, bestlinux, etc...), in 2005 I installed my first Ubuntu. In 2006 I was taking eveningclass to study Linux and to become a bachelor of informatics. (The rest I add later on)

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