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I am a grandparent! I've been writing code for a long time (40 years now). I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Started our writing C/asm on 8080 machines, worked through different C/C++ architectures, java, X11, perl, php, XML, XSLT. I know I'm leaving some out. The last few months I've started working with python. I love it. Autobahn and websockets and AngularJS are the latest I've learned. I am working as Principal Engineer for NetSocket on some very interesting technology. Anyway, about that Django, just started about 3 months ago. Great piece of work! I have been doing more googling than coding during this learning phase. Over and over again google leads me to answers on Stackoverflow. So, I thought I'd sign up and see if I can give back a little. Personally, I like beer, like to play Frisbee, and really enjoy my children (they are all moved out, that might be the best part ;-)) My kids are starting to have kids, that's a great experience.

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