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Zsh is a shell with many advanced command-line and scripting features.

Zsh (the Z shell) is a unix shell.

On the scripting front, zsh and incorporates many of ksh's programming features. Zsh's syntax resembles but is not fully compatible with Bourne-style shells, though zsh has Bourne and ksh emulation modes with compatible syntax and behavior. Zsh's advanced features include many extensions to variable expansion and globbing, associative arrays and more.

For interactive use, zsh's features include advanced line edition, advanced programmable completion, spelling correction, themable prompts and more. Zsh is highly customizable, with many options and tuning possibilities.

The zsh distribution includes add-ons in the form of loadable modules and functions: zmv for batch file renaming, the FTP client zftp, regular expressions, terminal handling, and many more.

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  • Many shell-agnostic questions are of interest to zsh users.
  • (or globbing): matching files based on their name
  • a history of commands that can be navigated with the Up and Down keys, searched, etc.; also a recall mechanism based on expanding sequences beginning with !.
  • completion of partially-entered file names, command names, options and other arguments.
  • showing a prompt before each command, which many users like to configure.

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Code Language (used for syntax highlighting): lang-bash