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How many levels can XKB accomodate? All 32 bits of the state field?

All quotes coming from The X Keyboard Extension : Library Specification The total number of levels for a given key type is kept in some XkbKeyTypeRec structure as an num_levels, an unsigned char : (...
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Make a window handle * input?

X11 supports applications grabbing a key so that particular key always goes to that application. It is also possible to lock focus to a particular window. I would expect wayland to support focus ...
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Firefox and Xorg without Window Manager

The menus disappearing is an issue with the focus, yes. automatically focuses the window that the mouse cursor is on when no window manager runs. When it tries to focus the menu window (because ...
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How do I check if a display mode exists in xrandr?

Well, after sitting on it for a bit, I've ultimately decided to go with a simple solution based on my WM deleting a dummy file in /tmp on logout: modeline = <modeline> outputmode = ${modeline[0]...
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