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hibernate mode not listed by xfce although "allowed"

This computer was missing swap space. Following this I have created and activated a swap partition larger than RAM, and now xfce offers to hibernate.
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Add shortkey to show desktop

As default this shortcut is disabled. You can set the shortcut by going to: Settings | Keyboard | Keyboard Shortcuts | View and Customize Shortcuts | Hide all normal windows Debian 12, Gnome Version ...
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Duplicating xfce panel across multiple monitors

Use the awesome xfce-panel-profiles (, previously named xfce-panel-switch. For Ubuntu install sudo apt install -yqq xfce4-panel-profiles` Click ...
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Japanese characters in file names are displayed as empty squares in Xfe

going off of what @eduardo-trápani said you most likely don't have the correct fonts installed, I would recommended installing fonts-noto-core or xfe-i18n so get rid of those squares
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Turn off Suspend, Sleep, Hibernate for user (xfce4)

You can do more things. SYSTEM First, I would recommend to disable hibernation and similar functions on the system: systemctl mask ...
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Lightdm multi screen arrangement

Generating the command for the adequate configuration Install the graphical tool arandr: beside allowing to change the current users's layout easily, it can save this current layout in the form of a ...
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