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I'd need a gigantic bitmapped font

You can scale up a bdf font with bdfresize. Or you can retrieve a font from the X11 server, converting it into bdf, with getbdf.
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X Server implementation vs Linux distributions

Tiny Core Linux, a Linux distribution that focus on being as lightweight as possible, uses its own fork of Xvesa, an old minimal alternative X implementation, called TinyX. It might not support all of ...
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Drag-and-drop without the drag

Found this question while trying to figure out how to solve this, I eventually went the route of developing a solution to fit my needs. I wanted to post it here for anyone in the future that might be ...
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How to run netscape navigator with rsh and DISPLAY?

Solution found, was a firewall problem. I don't know why but seems on Slackware rsh the port 1021/tcp needs to be open for rsh connections. The line xhost + rsh DISPLAY=192....
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How to check whether my Vestel TV is in standby mode? (X11, HDMI)

During researching for the question, I ran ddcutil interrogate which promises to "Collect maximum information". Indeed, over the course of a minute it prints over 5000 lines of information. ...
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Fedora 38 - broke system while trying to install cuda toolkit

The OP included the eventual solution as an edit to the question. I (terdon) am reproducing it here so the question can have an answer. EDIT1 I saw that grub had the blacklist in it, so I removed all ...

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