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This might not be the only problem but your setup is wrong. Either you use jwilder/nginx-proxy which contains nginx AND dockergen scripts. Either you want to use your own settled nginx image (built from the official nginx image) and you use as a companion jwilder/dockergen which will create the config files for you. But you don't use both of these images. ...


Admin access in Wordpress gives complete control over the Wordpress settings, content, users, etc. (including exporting it all, e.g., via a backup). I believe it also allows execution of arbitrary code as whatever user Wordpress runs under (likely the web server user), e.g., via installing a Wordpress extension. I believe a Wordpress theme contains of PHP ...


I wouldn't give any stranger access to admin. You can use teamviewer or webex etc to allow him to look in without giving him complete access or exposing password

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