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After rebooting Ubuntu, wireguard clients can no longer connect to other hosts on my network

Likely either the LAN interface name changed on the WireGuard server, or you had previously added an adhoc iptables rule to NAT connections forwarded to it, which was lost when the server was rebooted....
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Why does Wireguard break my internet access when I run wg-quick up wg0

When the wireguard interface is up, it's defined to send everything across the VPN: AllowedIPs =, ::/0 This is a typical client configuration and almost certainly inappropriate for a ...
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How to configure a WireGuard client to interact with two distinct servers?

This VPN is to access private resources, not a way to access Internet anonymously. So split tunneling should be used. Just replace on the client side: AllowedIPs = by only the needed ...
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How to setup a dedicated NordVPN router and gateway on linux?

Full disclosure, this is essentially a duplicate of an answer I provided here:Setting up a NordVPN gateway on my Raspberry Pi Now, down to business. I don't like being told I can only use a feature if ...
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Forcing container to route outbound through VPN - source-based routing not working

The solution was more obvious than expected... I got inspired by this answer which at the end remarks about setting AllowedIPs on the WireGuard peer configuration to The resulting ...
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