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Bluetooth Pairing on Dual Boot of Windows & Linux Mint/Ubuntu - Stop having to Pair Devices

Why does this happen? Basically, when you pair your device, your Bluetooth service generates a unique set of pairing keys. First, your computer stores the Bluetooth device's MAC address and pairing ...
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How to create a bootable Debian USB drive using Windows

To create a bootable USB, you can follow the steps below: STEP 1 Go to the website of the OS you wish to install, and find an iso image to download. In your case, since you want to run a Debian OS, ...
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Is it possible to share files between 2 different os on the same computer?

Of course, and it's very easy. The simplest way is to have a shared partition that uses a filesystem both OSs can understand. I usually have an NTFS-formatted partition which I mount at /data on Linux....
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Is it possible to insert a physical CD into a VirtualBox machine?

Yes you can, but you need to have DVD passthrough active. Go to VirtualBox's Machine > Settings > Storage > Enable Passthrough for the DVD drive. To allow an external DVD drive to be recognized by ...
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How does Linux allow modifying a PDF while open in a PDF viewer?

This is a function of the PDF viewer you are using. I suspect, the PDF viewer opens the file, and then reads/processes the contents. It does not have to close the file, but it might. Next, it sets up ...
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exFAT vs NTFS on Linux

NTFS is a Microsoft proprietary filesystem. All exFAT patents were released to the Open Invention Network and it has a fully functional in-kernel Linux driver since version 5.4 (2019).[1] exFat, also ...
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Can I connect a Ubuntu Linux laptop to a Windows 10 laptop via ethernet cable

Yes, as I have done this before, but with Ubuntu-based distros connected to Windows Vista. However this should still work with Windows 10. This is called a direct ethernet connection. There are a few ...
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Dual Boot Bluetooth LE (low energy) device pairing

The problem is that your device is a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) device and they are handled differently. I've found the following two solutions that helped me set up my Microsoft 3600 mouse for dual ...
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xrdp disconnects immediately after connection from Windows10/Centos to Centos7

Try this: Stop xrdp with sudo service xrdp stop Edit the xrdp start script: sudo nano /etc/xrdp/ In this file, replace the lines test -x /etc/X11/Xsession && exec /etc/X11/Xsession ...
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Extract icons from Windows executable

There are a number of tools you can use. icoutils, available as the eponymous package in many distributions, includes a tool capable of extracting resources from most Windows executables (16-bit NE, ...
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Why can Wine convert Windows systemcall to Linux systemcall?

Currently Correct Answer It does not translate system calls. System calls are usually not made by the software under windows itself, but through normal calls to shared system libraries¹. The windows ...
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How to start windows 10 through grub command line

GRUB uses the contents of /boot/grub/ located on your Linux partition to boot your system normally. Because of this GRUB has very minimal functionality. If you are on a Legacy BIOS system you're out ...
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How do you make samba follow symlink outside the shared path

Alternatively to the other answers, to keep the unix extensions enabled, it is possible to use: [global] allow insecure wide links = yes [share] follow symlinks = yes wide links = yes
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Manjaro guest on VirtualBox not able to get the full resolution

To get Auto-Resize Guest Display working you have to use 'VBoxSVGA' Stop VM if installed and running Choose in VM Setting: Display > Screen > Graphics Controller > 'VBoxSVGA' Save Start VM with ...
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Kali ate my Windows 10 :(

OK, some background information first: An OS that is booted in UEFI-native way will have an ability to access the boot configuration while the OS is running as a set of UEFI NVRAM boot variables; ...
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What is involved in a WSL "distribution"?

Some other answers here have focused on the "normal" meaning of a "Linux distribution", which is certainly useful to understand as background for your question. But you are asking ...
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What is involved in a WSL "distribution"?

My understanding is that Linux distribution refers to the skin of the OS. A UI layer on top of the OS core. That's not correct. Linux distributions differ in many fundamental ways which go beyond the ...
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Best practice for mounting a Windows partition

You can use fmask and dmask mount options* to change the permission mapping on an ntfs filesystem. To make files appear rw-r--r-- (644) and directories rwxr-xr-x (755) use fmask=0133,dmask=0022. You ...
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Gnome - windows always open top left

Actually, since GNOME v3.30 there is a visible option in GNOME Tweaks, which makes it much easier to enable it: Just select "Center New Windows" under "Windows". Actually I found a solution for ...
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Shared folder between QEMU Windows guest and Linux host

In 2018 a simple way to share a folder between a Linux host & Windows virtual machine is to enable RDP in the Windows guest & connect to the vm with the Remmina Remote Desktop Client & ...
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Unable to shutdown Windows after installing GRUB

This issue is faced by many users using dual boot win10/linux. GRUB seems to have some incompatibility with windows 10 fast boot process. Win 10 default shutdown does not actually shut down the whole ...
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Pop OS: systemd-boot can't detect Windows

Try This method has only been tested on a multi drive system Find Windows EFI Partition lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT Create Path & Mount Windows EFI Partition sudo mkdir /mnt/win-efi sudo ...
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-X flag (X11 Forwarding) does not appear to work in Windows

This work for me: Set environment variable in PowerShell: $env:DISPLAY="" Then ssh -Y
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Is it possible that X11 can be forwarded through a SSH tunnel

Yes, this is possible in a few different ways but you will need an X window server for Windows. Some options of a X windows server are XManager, XMing and MobaXterm. Once you have an X server running ...
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How to Create Bootable Windows 10 image in Debian?

I tried the Win7 solution described by Microsoft on a Windows machine: and obtained the 0x80080005 error so went to Debian ...
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How are some websites able to detect on which OS I am running the Tor Browser?

There are ways to find out the actual operating system. The easiest is accessing the navigator.platform property, exposed by most browsers. Why not spoof that? Well, there are reasons, things do break....
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Creating Windows Shortcuts in Linux

Below is a link to a Linux tool which allows you to create Windows shortcuts. The source code is available in both Bash and C: # Combine with WINE to ...
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Is it possible to share files between 2 different os on the same computer?

As mentioned @Terdon, it's easy to access an NTFS partition from linux by mounting the needed partition . Also you can access an ext2 ,ext3 and ext4 partition from windows using the ext2explore tool.
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VirtualBox Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object

Take a look to see if you have an automatic backup of that file, VirtualBox.xml-prev. If so, use that file to try to get VirtualBox happy again. cat VirtualBox.xml-prev > VirtualBox.xml Or rm ...
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