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How can i aggregate all txt file with one command for cracking?

The easiest thing to do is automatically feed the content of all of the wordlists to aircrack sequentially. So if all of your wordlists are found in the /worddir directory, run: find /worddir -type ...
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Enabling monitor mode in Kali 6.0 VM on TP-Link TP-WN821N V6

I'm not too familiar with Kali but since you're using airmon-ng you could try: airmon-ng check kill iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor Hope this helps you
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Wifi Drops out Intermittently only on Manjaro Laptop

In my case problem was with the kernel. I downgraded kernel from 5.15 to 4.19. Just changing kernel might fix the issue. Try that. I tried 3 different kernels and 4.19 was the right one. Additionally ...
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wifi networks not showing after deauth attack in kali linux

Note: I'll use wlan0 as interface name below. This should be replaced with the actual wireless interface name (such as wlp1s0 or similar). It can be found in the list of interfaces using ip -br link ...
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No wifi on IdeaPad 3 17ABA7 (Realtek b852)

The IdeaPad 3 17ABA7 seems to come with the Realtek chip RTL8852BE. It is supported by the following driver: Note the different installation instructions for ...
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How to turn off wifi on Linux Mint 20

Depending on your setup and OS, there are a few options: The most basic way: On a desktop PC and some laptops you can simply remove your WIFI-card if you don't need it. Just make sure you are ...

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