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Cannot connect Pantum P2500W Laser printer to my network

The Pantum P2500W printer supports two forms of WiFi access... "Basic Structure Mode"(normal network access) and "WiFi Direct"(a.k.a. "Soft-AP")(it looks like a router to ...
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1 vote

How to disable MAC address randomization in Fedora 40?

I tried to follow the advice from link 2 and create 2 I don't think that is what link 2 suggests. The Fedora change introduces a new file /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/22-wifi-mac-addr.conf. That's ...
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How can I find active network interface from userland?

The accepted answer is wrong: link state UP doesn't necessarily mean the interface has a broadcast address and is active (usable for traffic). I use a command adapted from this answer: ip addr show | ...
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