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Why is my WiFi is always hard-blocked on my HP Pavilion G6?

The red light at the F12 key indicates that the hardware/firmware-based RF-killswitch is disabling the WiFi transmitter. Try pressing the F12 key while the system is starting up, before it reaches the ...
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Share internet over external wlan

Determine Your Approach While Ljm's answer is certainly doable with a little explainnation, this one will be the easiest to implement, and cost you time and whatever a decently supported USB Wifi ...
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Non-existent PCI device present in lspci

Admittedly I'm speculating a bit here, as I'm not really familiar with how devices work at that level. However, notice the initialization line kernel: pci 0000:00:14.3: [8086:a0f0] type 00 class ...
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MT7601U Adapter in Linux - Monitor Mode Enabled, but Unable to Capture Handshake or Discover Devices

I solved it by running the following commands sudo airmon-ng check kill Before using sudo airmon-ng start <NETWORK INTERFACE> everything works great and I finally can enjoy my new wifi adapter. ...
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SSH hangs/disconnects unless using `-v` option

Add this to your ~/.ssh/config file: TCPKeepAlive yes ServerAliveInterval 30 This would be applied to any ssh you make.
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Debian 12 Net Install Laptop no WiFi drivers, USB alternative, Upgrade Kernel, realtek b852 rtw89_8852be RTL8852BE 10ec:b852 17-cn3030TU

So I tried about 6 different usb wifi adapters I had lying around and there was one, the cheapest ebay one that actually was detected and worked ! This is what it looks like: So now I was able to ...
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Share internet over external wlan

Based on the information that you give, I do not have a ready to go solution. It depends also a bit on the configuration of A. So I'll just throw in my way of thinking, hoping that it helps. A ...
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Share internet over external wlan

A is not configurable, it is a purchased device and I cannot modify anything. Then this 100% depends on how A is set up. But everything points to this being impossible, because you would have to tell ...
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