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wget — download multiple files over multiple nodes on a cluster

Hi both @terdon and @David G., sorry for the late reply. In the end the tech support on the cluster recommended me an ad-hoc approach using data mover nodes with which I could download continuously ...
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How to download an RPM package and install it in one line?

Another way when you want to install with rpm becuase dnf won't let you do bad things (like use --nodeps): rpm -i --nodeps $(dnf download --quiet --url somepackage-version-1 ) You may also need to ...
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How to download all PDF files linked from a single page using wget

More broadly, You can use wget to download all PDFs from a webpage by using: wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.pdf -erobots=off --wait=2 --random-wait --limit-rate=20k [URL] -r: Recursive download. -...
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Resume failed download using Linux command line tool

curl -C - If you want to use curl instead of wget: curl -C - -o index.html From the man: Use "‐C -" to tell curl to automatically find out where/how to resume the ...
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Add a prefix to filenames retrieved with wget using the --content-disposition option

I'd probably just download and afterwards rename; something like #!/bin/bash # use this directory as tempfile prefix # (so that move becomes a single-filesystem operation) tmpdirname="$(mktemp -d ...
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Is it possible to download in parallel with wget?

No, that's not possible with wget. You might try aria2c --input-file, which is much more advanced a command line program for downloading via HTTP. I know I can break the file into multiple smaller ...
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