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Delete the empty files in the target directory. That's what I do. wget -c -t 40 -O /path/to/dir/myfile1 wget -c -t 40 -O /path/to/dir/myfile2 find /path/to/dir -empty -type f -delete ...and any empty myfile is gone.


It doesn't look promising. The following was as close to an option along the lines your looking for that I could find. curl didn't offer anything better. I'm pretty sure that timeout (countdown) was designed to thwart exactly this type of activity. -T seconds, --timeout=seconds Set the network timeout to seconds seconds. This is equivalent to specifying -...


In Alpine Linux, a lot of the common shell tools are replaced by BusyBox. You can see this is the case with wget by checking the output of the following command: ls -lah $(which wget) In the Alpine install in front of me, that is a symbolic link to /bin/busybox In BusyBox, wget does not have the option --content-disposition: # wget --help BusyBox v1.29....

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