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OpenVPN client - DNS will get set only on the 1st launch

You can add a hook to have OpenVPN configure the DNS though systemd-resolved. From, grab the update-systemd-resolved script and mark it as ...
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When using F5VPN traffic doesn't go through the vpn

The problem Well, I finally understood the problem. The DNS resolution via VPN doesn't work, or at least it doesn't happen. Temporary solution I got around the problem by adding the IPs protected by ...
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Why does Wireguard break my internet access when I run wg-quick up wg0

When the wireguard interface is up, it's defined to send everything across the VPN: AllowedIPs =, ::/0 This is a typical client configuration and almost certainly inappropriate for a ...
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Use VPN connection only for selected applications

This command... ip netns exec myvpn ip route add default via dev vpn1 ...should fail with: Error: Nexthop has invalid gateway. Because you never set interface vpn1 up (so ...
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Setting up a NordVPN gateway on my Raspberry Pi

UPDATED 2024-04-13 removed mangle rule as it is not needed I don't like being told I can only use a feature if I use only one preselected-at-setup configuration, especially when the infrastructure ...
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