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How to create a VM in xcp-ng?

According to the creator, link here, any regular SR other than an ISO should work.
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Core differences between different cloud kernels

Quoting "Cloud-optimized Linux kernels – what makes Ubuntu the top OS across the clouds", an Ubuntu blog post by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos: For AWS: [...] Each kernel enables the Elastic ...
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EFI variables are not supported and efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry

TL;DR Changing the Virtual Machine to run EFI fixed the problem. Credit: eyoung100 user. Story My Virtual Machine was not set to EFI mode (which I didn't know when I created it). Changing it to EFI ...
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SSD is recognized as HDD in Windows VM in kvm

The optional attribute rotation_rate sets the rotation rate of the storage for disks on a SCSI, IDE, or SATA bus A value of one is used to indicate solid state libvirt formatdomain documentation It ...
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