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External drive connection error: Could not auto-redirect usbstick (permission denied)(3)

I had the same issue in OpenSuse Tumbleweed. Virtualization was setup using Yast without any modifications on my part. Solution was to simply add my user (pavin) to the requisite groups and reboot: ...
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Explaining why setting up a WiFi connection that interfaces with a virtual bridge in Linux is problematic

Would the following be an accurate explanation? … The problem is that a packet sent from the guest VM, that goes to the virtual bridge, then gets sent out by the WiFi NIC, and then reaches the access ...
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VM fails to boot on Arch Linux host

I fixed it. The solution was... wait for it... don't allocate the entire capacity of your RAM to the virtual machine! I suspect the kernel killed QEMU when it ran out of memory so it would crash. When ...
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VM fails to boot on Arch Linux host

Issue QEMU is not UEFI aware by default. It normally boots Legacy BIOS only. See: OVMF Github Solution I believe you need to install Package:edk2-ovmf 202311-1 via pacman and try again. I'd link a ...
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