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refresh changed content of file opened in vi(m)

TL;DR Skip to the Wrap-up heading for the vimrc lines to add to do make your life better. Manually Run :checktime Check if any buffers were changed outside of Vim. This checks and ...
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What is `^M` and how do I get rid of it?

This worked for me :e ++ff=dos The :e ++ff=dos command tells Vim to read the file again, forcing dos file format. Vim will remove CRLF and LF-only line endings, leaving only the text of each line ...
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Is Vim immune to copy-paste attack?

Short answer: In many situations, Vim is vulnerable to this kind of attack (when pasting text in Insert mode). Proof of concept Using the linked article as a starting point, I was able to quickly ...
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How to enable and use code folding in Vim?

Fold by default Vim's default folding method is manual meaning that the folds are created manually; otherwise, there is no fold to be closed or opened using za, zo, or zc as you described. But, you ...
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Change default editor to vim for _ sudo systemctl edit [unit-file] _

First method, you can add this line to ~/.bashrc: export SYSTEMD_EDITOR=vim And then sudo visudo and add this line: Defaults env_keep += "SYSTEMD_EDITOR" Start new bash session to take effect, ...
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Opening a vertical terminal in Vim 8.1

You can use the :vert[ical] command modifier: :vert term :vertical works with any command that splits a window, for example: :vert copen :vert help vert
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How to send the ESC signal to vim when my esc key doesn't work?

Ctrl-[ sends the same character to the terminal as the physical Esc key. The latter is simply a shortcut for the former, generally.
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How can I use vim to remove first few characters of the selected lines using commands?

Place cursor on first or last ; Press Ctrl+v to enter Visual Block mode Use arrow keys or j, k to select the ; characters you want to delete (or the other "first few characters") Press x to ...
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How can I do a 'change word' in Vim using the current paste buffer?

The Vim way is to learn how to intentionally use the yank, delete and other registers. Once you know these, you will easily find your own key sequences to do this. Register "0 is the yank ...
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Why do Vim colors look different inside and outside of tmux?

I had the similar issue before. Comments in blue in Vim were hard to read. In .tmux.conf I set this: set -g default-terminal "screen-256color" And in .vimrc: set background=dark Now it looks as ...
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How to invoke vim editor and pipe output to bash

vipe is a program for editing pipelines: command1 | vipe | command2 You get an editor with the complete output of command1, and when you exit, the contents are passed on to command2 via the pipe. ...
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How many shells deep I am?

When I read your question, my first thought was $SHLVL.  Then I saw that you wanted to count vim levels in addition to shell levels.  A simple way to do this is to define a shell function: vim() { ( ...
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`Delete` key doesn't work on vim insert mode for deleting previously typed content

Just put this to your .vimrc : set backspace=indent,eol,start
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Vim: what are all the possible swapfile extensions?

tl;dr swp, swo, ..., swa, svz, svy, ..., sva, ..., saa. Upon reaching the last one it triggers an error. The particular piece of code that you're looking for (and comment) is in memline.c: /* ...
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How can I set "vi" as my default editor in UNIX?

In recent versions of Ubuntu you use the alternatives system to manage the default, editor, e.g.: update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim.basic To see which editors are available for use: ...
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vim cut&paste not working in Stretch / Debian 9

Solution: change mouse=a to mouse=r in your local .vimrc. The problem with setting this in /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim as the accepted answer says, is that it will be overwritten on every ...
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Use case sensitive search for lower-case string using smartcase

Use \C (uppercase) in your search pattern See :help /ignorecase: "\C" does the opposite: Force matching case for the whole pattern.
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Extend Default Configuration of vim

You can source the global Vim configuration file into your local ~/.vimrc: unlet! skip_defaults_vim source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim set mouse-=a See :help defaults.vim and :help defaults.vim-...
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How does `:w !sudo tee %` work

The structure :w !cmd means "write the current buffer piped through command". So you can do, for example :w !cat and it will pipe the buffer through cat. Now % is the filename associated with the ...
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In vi/vim, how do I append to a file instead of overwriting it?

From :h :w: :w_a :write_a E494 :[range]w[rite][!] [++opt] >> Append the specified lines to the current file. :[range]w[...
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How to get rid of "nano not found" warnings, without installing nano?

I found my own answer and so I'm posting it here, in case it helps someone else. In the root user's home directory, /root, there was a file alled .selected_editor, which still retained this content: ...
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Copy/paste into SSH'd VIM from local (Windows) clipboard

On my windows laptop, pasting into remote vim, this is the only thing I could get to work: Ctrl+C was fine for copying.. but I needed Shift+Insert to Paste ! (A good reason to get a laptop where ...
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How many shells deep I am?

You could count as many time you need to go up the process tree until you find a session leader. Like with zsh on Linux: lvl() { local n=0 pid=$$ buf until IFS= read -rd '' buf < /proc/$...
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How to make Vim display colors as indicated by color codes?

Now with vim 8 you can use terminal mode :terminal and then in that terminal do cat myfile and go back to normal mode with Ctrl-w N. This will display ANSI color codes correctly. By automating these ...
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disabling mouse support in `vim` in a `gnome-terminal` environment

I've found what cause this bad behavior with many linux flavors : /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim # may be "vim81" depending on your vim version it's 'sourced' if there's no ~/.vimrc but even if ...
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Why do Vim colors look different inside and outside of tmux?

tmux doesn't support the terminfo capability bce (back color erase), which vim checks for, to decide whether to use its "default color" scheme. That characteristic of tmux has been mentioned a few ...
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How many shells deep I am?

Use echo $SHLVL. Use the KISS principle. Depending on your program's complexity, this may be enough.
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In Vim , how can I copy from several lines? (not a range);

You can append to a register instead of erasing it by using the upper-case letter instead of the lower-case one. For example: :1y a # copy line 1 into register a (erases it beforehand) :3y A ...
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Editing text file with Vim does not update tail -f

If you edit a file with vim, typically it reads the file into memory, then writes a new file. So tail is now operating on an out of date copy of the file (which remains in the file system until tail (...
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