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What are the side effects of having several UNIX users share one UID?

I've used such an alias for the root user so that I can specify a different login shell (and home directory). So my zoot user is root, but with zsh as the login shell and my home directory as the home ...
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How to rename a user account in Kali Linux (Debian) and keep all settings

Don't try to rename the user account. Create a new one and disable the old when you are sure the new one is working as expected. You can safely copy across your own files and directories. You can also ...
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Users setup with misspelled name - CentOS 8

There are several places where a userid might need to be adjusted if you need to rename an account manually: Authentication files: /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group /etc/gshadow /etc/subgid /etc/...
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