For questions involving user-mode Linux (UML), a virtualisation tool which runs a Linux kernel as a user-mode application inside a host. Use this tag for questions about UML itself, using UML, or questions where UML significantly affects the behaviour of the system.

User-mode Linux (UML, not to be confused with Unified Modeling Language) is a virtualisation technique which involves running (modified) Linux kernels as user-mode applications. These modified kernels themselves run a full-blown guest environment, inside the host.

Use this tag for questions:

  • about user-mode Linux itself (how it works, its features etc.) — but do check the UML web site before asking;
  • about problems you’ve run into when trying to use user-mode Linux, specifically;
  • about problems you’re trying to fix where the use of user-mode Linux is (in your opinion) a significant part of the problem, e.g. because it limits what the system can do.