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XFCE on Debian: hiding block devices

Not sure if this changed since then, but I found out recently that in XFCE, a separate tool is used to manage disks; I don't know offhand if it is backed by udisk, but at any rate it uses a different ...
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why does a device node need to be made in udev when you plug in a device into your computer?

Why does a device node need to be made in udev You got that backwards: it's udev that creates that device node. And whether and which kind of device nodes are created depends on the kind of hardware ...
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nut usbhid-ups loosing connection after some time

I could fix the issue by adding pollinterval = 15 to my ups.conf.
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Create symbolic links to block devices by partition table UUID

It's possible with a custom udev rule, for example: ENV{ID_PART_TABLE_UUID}=="?*", SYMLINK+="disk/by-ptuuid/$env{ID_PART_TABLE_UUID}" You could put it in a file like /etc/udev/...
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Udevadm doesn't auto trigger after suspended

Well, because the modem usually takes a while to boot it up (from red light indicator to green light indicator), so I have to attach my command/script as a long running task. I put my command on a ...
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What is a device manager in the context of Linux?

Udev handles the setup of all newly detected devices (including both "hot-plugged" devices after the system has booted as well as permanently connected "cold-plugged" devices while ...
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