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Here is a python script I wrote for a USB barcode scanner using the evdev library with grabbing functionality as suggested by @dirkt:


It's unlikely that you will be able to solve this via SSH for the reasons discussed here How to login by ssh when default shell is wrong However you certainly shouldn't need to resort to reinstalling, if you have physical access to the machine. First, try pausing the boot and edit the grub command line to set rw init=/bin/sh or rw init=/bin/bash. Then edit ...


Script I'm the author of the question and this is my attempt to build a script that solves the problem. The script is intended to work on the client side, it replaces ssh in the command in question. It's experimental. I call it sshe. This is the script: #!/bin/sh - # the name of the script me="${0##*/}" # error handling functions scream() { ...

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