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I'm a bit late here but I'll share my command line trick using just the default ps WATCHED_PID=$({ command_to_profile >log.stdout 2>log.stderr & } && echo $!); while ps -p $WATCHED_PID --no-headers --format "etime pid %cpu %mem rss" do; sleep 1 done I use this as a one-liner. Here the first line fires the command and stores the PID ...


It works if you add one filter after another. Run top and add a filter for the first user. Press o and enter !USER=user1 , then press o and add the next filter !USER=user2 and so forth...


If it were only one user, you could do top -U '!user1' The -U filters by real user id, whereas -u filters by effective user id. I could not get multiple users to be filtered with this method.


If I understand you correctly, would this help? top | grep -ve "user1" -e "user2"

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