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Large cursor XFCE

On Xfce4, after I had used a 4K display, my mouse cursor size was also too large. I just went to "Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad -> Theme", Cursor Size said 16 with down arrow disabled....
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How to add QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct environment variable in Arch Linux?

I'll answer with a full guide to help the ones who have not gotten this far: Install qt5ct (sudo pacman -S qt5ct) You might want to install a Qt theme, that can be done by sudo pacman -S breeze for ...
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emacs: background color doesn't change when I load different themes

I had the same problem. I had modified some font settings through describe-face which had set values in custom-set-faces in my .spacemacs file. (custom-set-faces ;; custom-set-faces was added by ...
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Change GTK theme from command line

Open ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and change the line that begins with gtk-theme-name
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How do I change cursor on Fedora

Check what cursors are already installed by going to "Tweaks" app > Appearance > Cursor. If you don't have this app, install it: dnf install gnome-tweak-tool In my case, the only available cursor ...
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Dark theme in Dolphin file manager

I recently switched from Debian to Manjaro and from Cinnamon to Mate, but this solution should hopefully apply to all distributions and desktop environments: Firstly, the program "qt5ct" can be used ...
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How to set font and theme for GTK+2 programs from the command-line on Linux?

Quoting the Arch wiki: To manually change the GTK+ theme, icons, font and font size, add the following to the configuration files, for example: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 gtk-icon-theme-name = "Adwaita" gtk-...
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Text as block on Kali Linux Rolling after apt-get upgrade

I got mine fixed by doing: sudo apt-get install --reinstall fonts-cantarell
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How to get traditional scrollbars in GTK 2 and 3 apps in Debian 10?

GTK+2 I haven’t had any problems with scrollbars in GTK+2. Perhaps the theme you use goes to extra lengths to “damage” them. Try switching to a different theme; I use GreenMotif for example. For extra ...
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Change border color around window (edit GTK theme)

What worked for me is adding this to the gtk.css file (which for me is located in ~/.config/gtk-3.0) decoration { border: 1px solid grey; background : grey; } It makes the border of the ...
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configure: error: 'parallel' not found

As stated in the README, parallel builds require GNU Parallel, which is parallel in Debian.
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Dark theme in Dolphin file manager

Go to the ~/.config/kdeglobals and add these lines [Colors:View] BackgroundNormal=94, 104, 109 the numbers representing the RGB value of whatever color you choose.
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Keepass does not respect GTK_THEME variable

Had the same problem and fixed it by setting the GTK2_RC_FILES variable like this: GTK2_RC_FILES="/usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-2.0/gtkrc" keepass
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Is it legal to copy themes between different linux distros?

There shouldn’t be any problem in the majority of cases; exceptions might include themes with branding (but I haven’t checked). You’ll find the license terms for the various files involved on most if ...
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Large cursor XFCE

It seems like you have different cursor configurations for your Desktop Environment (Xfce) and your X server (in this setup: your desktop). As Xfce relies on GTK, it'll store it's settings to the GTK ...
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xfce gtk themes problem

GTK 3.20 made some significant changes to the way that themes are handled. Unfortunately, the Delorean theme has not been updated to support GTK 3.20. You need to use a theme that is GTK 3.20 ...
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Flat UI terminal, works on OSX not on Linux

short: no long: you could translate the file, but it happens to work as described on OSX because (a) the file-suffix tells OSX what it is and (b) the file-contents are an exported theme for OSX ...
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Why do applications look for "adwaita" themes?

You might be a victim of the same confusion that I was. There is the Adwaita theme and then there is, which is part of the gnome-themes-standard. This shared library is the Adwaita ...
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Enable dark-mode in GTK2

Using the name Arc-Dark for both GTK2 and GTK3 solves the issue. GTK3: [Settings] gtk-icon-theme-main=Arc-Dark gtk-theme-name=Arc-Dark GTK2: gtk-theme-name="Arc-Dark" gtk-icon-theme-name="Arc-Dark"...
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emacs: background color doesn't change when I load different themes

If you have enabled and use Session Saving, it looks like the .emacs.d/.emacs.desktop file keeps a copy of background-color in this file too. Removing it was the solution for me. Note: Modifying the ....
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Using a dark theme in KDE with Gnome applications (e.g., Firefox)

My experience, GTK+ application theming doesn't work well if it's not gnome session. You should try the lxappearance application while running KDE to apply GTK+ theme or Icon theme. Tested on KDE5 ...
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xfce4-panel and Xorg using 100% CPU when the panel Background set to 'None (use system style)'

Not sure what is causing the bug (not familiar with any of these), but the vimix theme page has some comments reporting the issue. The vimix author says they ...
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Change icon and cursor theme in dwm

I'm also the newcomer to dwm who is also confused about the configuration of theme and icon until I find this config gtk theme. Hope to help you!
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Is there any way I can customize Gnome as much as possible?

Customization of Gnome can be easily done by Gnome extensions. With this concept, you can find extensions on the Gnome Extensions website and install them to your system. One extension usually handles ...
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How to set dark theme for KDE Apps on Xubuntu?

Nevermind, found the answer: Get Qt5 Apps To Use Native Gtk+ Style In Ubuntu Or Debian, I was searching with wrong keyword, it should be "how change qt apps theme in ubuntu" sudo apt install ...
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How can I change the Notepadqq toolbar icons?

Follow this answer: Notepadqq: How to change toolbar icons. $ sudo apt install qt5ct qt5-style-plugins $ export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct $ qt5ct Change icon theme on qt5ct.
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Finding/replacing NetworkManager applet icons (In Cinnamon DE)?

FINALLY figured this out! At least somewhat... there's more to it that I don't entirely understand and this makes getting the final colors correct a bit challenging. But I was able to make the change ...
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How do I increase the font size of the message list in Geary?

I had the same problem. From Preferences, I enabled the use single key email shortcuts, and then zoom in with Ctrl++. This solved the issue.
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Change Zsh theme in Android Studio

Since no one else has given you an answer, I'm trying despite having completely different software. So this is a generic answer on how to do it with any software. There are two approaches that come to ...
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