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Does Linux TCP stack processing happen before or after netfilter?

Okay, I found this video from Devconf 2018 with Jiri Benc talking about Linux network pipeline. TCP is a transport layer protocol; for packets that use it, the network stack must first parse the ...
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Unable to send more than 60 bytes TCP packets using traceroute or tcptraceroute

When using the tcp method (-M tcp), by default, traceroute uses TCP SYN packets.  From traceroute(8): tcp -T Well-known modern method, intended to bypass firewalls.  Uses the constant ...
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Does Linux TCP stack processing happen before or after netfilter?

Even without perusing the source code it's fairly easy to test. On a machine running with a firewall ruleset permitting certain ports only from e.g. one specific IP stand up a tcpdump for the port in ...
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What exactly happens when I enable net.ipv4.ip_forward=1?

Minimal sample experiment where net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 is crucial Consider the following topology: Internet --- Wi-Fi --- Computer 1 --- Ethernet --- Computer 2 and suppose you want Computer 2 to be ...
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How to measure TCP latency?

You're right to mistrust things that claim to have witnessed time travel. This is an event confusion bug, fixed in a later version of Nmap. You might want to use a more recent nmap, but it's certainly ...
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