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Systemctl httpd.service file changed on disk

I ran into a similar problem. I had a unit named foo-1.2.3 and it is enabled as systemctl enable foo-1.2.3, so that it creates an alias named just foo without the version number. When I did systemctl ...
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Can't start service manually after `sudo systemctl disable`

This looks like service.service was just an alias for the actual service name, and was represented by a symbolic link in /etc/systemd/system/service.service. Such links get removed when a service is ...
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Trap Ctrl C in script

Add this somewhere near the top of your script: trap cleanup SIGINT cleanup () { sudo systemctl unmask } I'm not sure why you are ...
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systemctl list all possible (including disabled) services

List every loaded service that is running, active, or failed in the system: # sudo systemctl list-units --type=service --all List all Disabled services in the system: # sudo systemctl list-unit-files ...
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sys-kernel-debug, and logind service fail causing noticeable delay on logging in

Solved! Alright, although i wasn't able to fix everything yet im at a point where i consider the above to be fixed. The problem is easier to solve than i thought, so if you wonder around here i guess ...
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