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Why does Ubuntu install continue to fail with 'grub-install /dev/sda failed' error?

I stumbled into the very same issue - failed to install 20.04LTS and 22.04LTS. I eventually fixed this: After Ubuntu installer failed, reboot into USB live Ubuntu and re-run boot-repair. It worked out ...
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Disable MOK password prompt, load GRUB immediately

As @user10489 said, you have a MOK enroll/import operation in progress. To cancel it, sudo mokutil --revoke-import or sudo mokutil --reset should do the job. Note that all QWERTY keyboard layouts are ...
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Disable MOK password prompt, load GRUB immediately

The MOK password prompt typically only runs once at initial machine set up. It is probably running more often because it has never succeeded. Typically the MOK password utility is only activated when ...
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How do I find how long ago a Linux system was installed?

For a simpler solution, just do: stat --format=%w / This will tell you when the root of your filesystem was created.
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Will Devuan/Debian run comfortably on a Core Duo with 4GB of RAM?

If you want to walk away from support and have a system that works adequately in 4GB RAM there's one other choice that if it works will keep itself up to date and look modern. Give ChromeOS Flex a try....
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Would there be a difference in running cryptsetup from a Ubuntu USB FD vs internal disk?

The speed of the disk doesn't play a role here. The number of iterations (and the other parameters like number of threads or memory usage) you see in the LUKS header is used for the key derivation ...
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Restoring backed up Linux Partition

First off, mount /dev/sdb1 on /src. I know you don't have a /boot/efi in your image, but I don't know whether your /boot was separate. Check whether there's an entry for /boot in /src/etc/fstab. If ...
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Choosing a location for installation of Docker Desktop app’s CLI tools

Yes, you are right about that. In system-wide installs, all users can access Docker CLI. However, if they do not have sudo or root access, they would not be able to install system-wide binaries. Key ...
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Strange boot issue installing KUbuntu

So, I got it on there. Here's what was happening. To begin with, now that I've got some time for it, I cleared a USB port at the back of my machine and plugged the thumb drive in there. (It's not easy ...
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