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Unable to symlink directory with all file contents

It's not clear what exact effect you're trying to achieve: just a directory symlink, or a "link farm" where symlinks point to individual files? A symlink is a tiny file which holds a path. ...
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Is there any elegant way to find only symbolic links pointing to directories, not other files?

Disclaimer: I'm the current author of rawhide (rh) (see With rawhide (rh) you can do: rh 'l && td' Or, more verbosely/readably: rh 'link && ...
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does rsync switch -a (ARCHIVE) always includes -l (symlinks)

According to man rsync it does: -a archive mode is -rlptgoD (no -A,-X,-U,-N,-H) So you do not need -l if you're using -a. It's always been like that, one can view the source code (...
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