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How does the use_pty sudoers option prevent a persistence attack?

When you're using the command-line through a serial port or other character-oriented device, you're doing so through a terminal (tty). Any programs connected to you through that terminal have a ...
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su cannot execute bin/bash/****

For the records and web searches (I came here by a web search), if you're compiling bash and you're getting the error cannot execute bin/bash when running make uninstall you have a broken distro. ...
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Lost sudo. Beyond salvation?

Here are the commands and the steps, I sure hope this might help someone else if and when you would end up in my situation. However, you should not be so reckless and read previous answer here, which ...
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Lost sudo. Beyond salvation?

A little bit more carefulness with docker would be surely very useful. Not because it would be soo insecure, but because often you need to give a lot of special access to the containers what they ...
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Detecting sudo use without logs

You can play around with the environ file under /proc/$pid. This contains the environment of the process with PID $pid and for commands launched with sudo, that file should contain the SUDO_USER ...
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Trouble Installing Oracle 19c on Oracle Linux 9

you haven't made your installer file executable; chmod 755 runInstaller should fix that. General remark: you're paying dear money for Oracle's commercial database (instead of running MariaDB or ...
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Permission denied when running a mv command as user after entering into sudoers file

This is all about evaluation order. When a user executes a command such as this sudo mv /var/lib/pgsql/base_backup/*.tar.gz /var/lib/pgsql/backups/$(date +%Y_%m_%d/) The order of evaluation is such ...
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