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how to configure sudo to allow certain parameter

Sudo does have the ability to allow selectively multi-word command lines, but it's a bad idea, all around. However, to the best of my knowledge, variable placeholders are not among the things sudoers ...
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Running commands using sudo from within a program

As I understand it, you have sudo lsblk called from within your QT program you start your QT program with something like sudo qt_program If so, your program is already running with root privileges ...
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Running sudo, changing dir, staying in sudo, staying in dir after the script finished

I guess I've a solution, but it will create multiple processes. #!/bin/bash sudo -i bash -c 'cd /path/to/your/workdir && exec bash' The first process will be created by running the script,...
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How to allow authentication with `sudo` using an alternate password?

pam_ssh_agent_auth is overkill. It requires an agent. This presumes sudo is already configured, and that configuration is not with NOPASSWD; you want a check, but a different check than login, be it ...
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